NC 'Pride' Event Features Strippers Pole-Dancing With Children

Brittany M. Hughes | August 25, 2022
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Warning: this blog contains language and images that readers may - and, frankly, should - find highly offensive.

Conservatives really should stop accusing leftists of hitting rock bottom. Every time we do, they take it as a challenge.

A screenshot reportedly taken at a “pride” event in Charlotte, N.C and posted by LibsofTikTok shows a young child balancing on the midriff of a woman scantily dressed in barely-there lingerie hanging from a stripper pole.

Now, lest you think this may just be a horrifying photoshop deal, consider that another similar pride event in Pennsylvania featured a man in tight shorts teaching kids how to pole dance in the street.

But perhaps even worse is the fact that the woman in the photo has affirmed its authenticity.

The Charlotte-area pole dancer and instructor, who goes by “WhitneyAnnn_” on Instagram (don't click if you value your eyesight) and who sports pride and trans flags on her page filled with raunchy photos and videos of herself gyrating on poles, mocked critics who blasted her for pole-dancing with a child, telling her detractors to “suck my d***.”


The woman, whose real name reportedly is Tiffany Baker, also suggested in another post that the boy in the photo is her nephew, laughing at people who accused her of “grooming children” and bragging that conservatives are going to “make her famous.”


Yep. That sounds like an accurate description to me.

Arrest her.