N.C. Man Delivers Powerful Speech Defending Americans' Right to Bear Arms

Nick Kangadis | April 5, 2018
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This is one of the better speeches I’ve heard about Americans’ right to own a firearm. Give it a look, because the man who delivered the speech had me cheering him on.

Greensboro, N.C. resident Mark Robinson addressed the Greensboro City Council Tuesday night during a meeting about gun violence and how to control it.

Robinson’s speech speaks for itself, so here it is:


How powerful was that?! The correct answer to that question is very.

Perhaps the best quote in Robinson’s entire speech was when he talked about how persecuted “law-abiding citizens” have become.

“The law-abiding citizens of this community — and many communities around this country — we’re the first ones taxed and the last ones considered and the first ones punished when things like this [mass shootings] happens,” Robinson passionately said.

I literally couldn’t have said it better myself.