NC High Schools Suspend Games Against Team With Transgendered Player

John Simmons | October 20, 2022
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Surprise, surprise! Allowing transgendered females to play against biological females in sports is still not a good idea.

High schools in Cherokee, North Carolina, are canceling games against Highland High School (HHS) after a transgendered female on HHS’ volleyball team spiked a ball during a match against Hiwassee Dam High (HDH) and caused serious injury to one of his opponents. The spike struck an opponent directly on the head, causing the real female player to roll onto the ground in agony.

Here’s the video of the incident:

The Hiwassee Dam Player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in long-term concussion symptoms, including vision problems. Though the incident happened nearly a month ago, the girl has still not yet been cleared to play again by her primary care physician or a neurologist,” according to Education First Alliance.

Just for perspective, most concussions at most take two weeks to fully recover from.

After seeing this incident unfold, the Cherokee County Board of Education (CCBE) voted 5-1 to declare a “safety issue,” with all schools that had a game scheduled against (HHS) effectively deciding to cancel the matches.

“I’ll never put a child in a position to be seriously injured,” Joe Wood, HHS head coach and CCBE member, said. "I think the odds (of injury) in these non-contact sports aren't high. But in particular, in this meeting, a coach of 40 years said they'd never seen a hit like this. That was really what sealed the decision, at least on my part."

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No crap a coach hasn’t seen a hit like this, because a hit like that would never come from a biological woman!

While it's a good thing that the CCBE is taking this incident as a wake up call for how dangerous a man playing with women can be, it's infuriating it got to this point in the first place.

Did the CCBE really need to see a girl writhing on a court in pain to see that this could be a consequence if they allowed a man to compete against a woman? Did no one have any level of foresight before giving the okay to fake women?

Other schools should take warning the next time that they think allowing males to compete against women would be a reasonable idea.

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