NBC: Trump Claim That Clinton Emails Were 'Acid Washed' False Because She Didn't Use Actual Acid


NBC is really bending itself over backwards to prop up Hillary Clinton these days.

During their live “fact-checking” of the second presidential debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump claimed Clinton “acid washed” her private email server. NBC’s “fact-checking” said that Clinton did no such thing.

Why? Well, because she never actually used acid.

Yes, that’s right. NBC tweeted out that Trump was wrong in his claims that emails on Clinton’s private email server were deleted because they weren’t destroyed using actual acid.

What’s more, NBC actually admits in the graphic that the emails were, in fact, deleted, just by an app called BleachBit and not by actual acid.

That, of course, hardly matters. Most of what people would see when scrolling through their Twitter feed would be the official NBC account claiming that Clinton didn’t “acid wash” her email server. And that’s most likely what the ones who made this ridiculous “fact-check” wanted people to see.

It’s no wonder that American confidence in the media has plunged to its lowest point in history.

Come on, NBC.

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