NBC Reporter Gets BLASTED After Praising China For 'Stepping In to Help' Italy Battle the Coronavirus


NBC reporter Ken Dilanian caught the not-so-sympathetic side of Twitter Wednesday after he praised China – the communist nation that recently blessed the world with the coronavirus – for “stepping in to help” embattled Italy with their COVID-19 crisis while the United States watches its economy crash and burn.

Dilanian, who has since made his Twitter account private, linked to an article he co-wrote detailing how China is emerging as a “global leader” in the wake of the planetary pandemic – a pandemic they started, and repeatedly lied about.

“With Italy in dire need of medical equipment, an economic superpower stepped in to help. No, not the United States. It was China,” the NBC article starts off.

Oh, and it gets better. And by “better,” I mean much, much worse. The article continues:

“Beijing last week promised Rome a thousand ventilators and 2 million masks, part of a global outreach effort that includes massive donations across Africa and a $20 million gift to the World Health Organization earmarked to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, proposed slashing the U.S. contribution to the WHO last month and has said very little about international cooperation to stop the spread. Instead of providing aid abroad, Trump has been soliciting it. 

The ability to step in as the world’s savior, Dianian & Co. explain, means that “China senses a moment of opportunity to portray itself as a powerful and competent player on the world stage.”

Needless to say, that take didn't sit well with anyone on Twitter who has a lick of common sense or decency.

The Chinese propaganda-peddling article comes just days after the liberal media openly castigated an OANN reporter for asking Trump during a press briefing how he felt about the U.S. news media having “teamed up with Chinese communist party narratives,” a charge media pundits and reporters have vehemently denied.

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