NBA Wants To Have Female Coach Within The Next Five Years

John Simmons | December 16, 2022
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Don’t be surprised if in the next five or so years the NBA has a female head coach.

NBA commissioner and CCP puppet Adam Silver said that his league has not caught up to speed with the current times and should by now have a woman skippering an NBA team.

“This generation coming in grew up differently, and has a different sensibility about roles men and women can play in the workforce. I’ve said this before, as much as professional sports has led and the WNBA and NBA have led in certain areas, we’re a bit behind in this area,” Silver said. “We should have more women head coaches. We should have a female head coach right now. We should have more women referees, and it’s something we’re working very hard on right now.” 

The push for diversity and equality never ends, right?

Interestingly, the NBA’s push for getting women in positions of power contradicts its desire to get black people in those same positions that it has been fighting for for the past several years.

When the NBA coaching carousel was in full swing last season, an argument was made that because the league has so many black players in it -- a whopping 74 percent were black in 2021 -- there should be more black head coaches (in the 2020-21 season, only four NBA coaches were black).

"These numbers are just disgraceful,” National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts said last year. “It doesn’t make any sense." 

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Ok, so if you’re going to use the flawed logic that one demographic (blacks) should have more people in leadership because that same demographic makes up the majority of the players, wouldn’t that mean that not a single woman should be a referee, coach, or league executive, seeing as though no females play in the NBA?

This is where league reps would say that they just want diversity and equality for women, but that obviously undermines its efforts to elevate black people.

Of course, the NBA won’t care about this, and from its perspective, why should it? As long as it maintains a sterling image of being the most inclusive league in America and keeps earning them millions, they’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means hypocritical.

But those of us that have an average IQ won’t be fooled.

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