NBA Champs Warriors' White House Visit Was One To Forget

John Simmons | January 18, 2023
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The 2022 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors visited the White House on Tuesday, and it was all progressive agenda and awkward moments.

Point guard Steph Curry spoke to the media about how he and his team felt honored to be invited to the White House, and also thanked Biden for getting Brittney Griner released from Russia.

If it’s “something (they) don’t take for granted,” then they shouldn’t have turned down President Trump’s invitation in 2018. But then again, the Warriors are as woke a sports team as you’ll find, so their inconsistency in this matter at least makes a little sense.

And while it is certainly a good thing that Biden got an American back home from Russia, there's a lot to criticize about a deal that didn't secure the release of two other (non-famous, non-black, non-lesbian) Americans currently in Russian prison, while giving up “The Merchant of Death.” As I’ve reported on in the past, it was the most one-sided prisoner exchange in American history that could have disastrous consequences for much of the world.

Head coach Steve Kerr, along with guards Moses Moody and Klay Thompson, also took part in a roundtable discussion to hear what the Biden Administration is doing to end gun violence … a.k.a, take away guns from Americans. 

"We learned a lot about what this administration is doing to help create a safer environment in our country," Kerr said.

Lastly, perhaps the most awkward moment was when Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris posed for a picture with the Warriors towards the end of the visit. But what should have been a standard photo op turned awkward when Biden took a knee in front of the Warriors, eliciting a reaction from the team and prompting Harris to say, “I’m not doing that.”

It's unclear why Biden did this. Whether he was kneeling to protest injustice, show an unhealthy level of respect for the Warriors (who kneels in the presence of athletes as if they’re kings?), or to defer to Harris, its awkward and further shows how not all the lights are on in Biden’s house, if you know what I mean.

Safe to say this White House visit, which was the fourth for the Warriors in the past eight years, was one to forget.

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