NBA Backtracks After Online Shop Banned 'FreeHongKong' Jerseys, But Allowed 'KillCops' Customization

Nick Kangadis | July 14, 2020
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The National Bolshevik Association — more commonly known as the National Basketball Association (NBA) — did some backtracking after being caught allegedly discriminating against police officers and Hong Kong protesters.

Multiple outlets reported on the revelation that if you tried to order a customizable jersey at the NBA’s online shop, you weren’t allowed to to put “FreeHongKong,” but were allowed to to place “KillCops” on the nameplate of the item.

The Daily Caller’s David Hookstead even went to the length of calling the NBA’s customer service line. He spoke to a real person and was told the exact same thing that league’s website indicated about the customization of the jerseys.

“So just to be clear, I cannot get a jersey that said ‘FreeHongKong,’ but I can get one that says ‘KillCops’ on the back of it?” Hookstead asked the customer service representative.

“Yes, sir,” the lady responded, referencing the “KillCops” request. “You can get that one.”

Hookstead posted an update saying that NBA “no longer allows people to ‘KillCops” and “F**kPolice (uncensored) jerseys” any longer.

A visit by yours truly to the NBA online shop confirmed Hookstead’s update. However, the customization tool for jerseys still allows for many other derogatory terms and phrases.

Here’s video of Hookstead’s phone call, as posted in his article for the Daily Caller:


H/T: The Blaze