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Nashville's Last Abortion Clinic Stops Offering Services Due to a Shortage of Abortionists


Things just got a lot worse for abortion providers in Tennessee – which means they got a lot better for pregnant women and their babies.

According to local reports, Planned Parenthood, the last remaining abortion provider in Nashville, has ceased offering abortions at its Music City location due to not being able to find enough abortionists. And, while they’re referring some abortion-seekers to another Planned Parenthood location hundreds of miles away, thatclinic says they only offer early abortions and aren’t equipped or staffed to perform surgical procedures past 10 weeks.

The clinic is the second in Nashville to stop offering abortions this year, following the closure of The Women’s Center in August.

With the Nashville clinic now unable to offer abortions, Tennessee has reportedly been left with only six clinics that will perform voluntary pregnancy terminations. That’s a nearly two-thirds decline from 2000, when the state included 16 abortion locations.

Unable to find abortion services, women had reportedly begun turning to pro-life organizations and pregnancy resource centers for help. Knox News reportsTennessee Right to Life says they’re already seeing an increase in women who couldn’t make abortion appointments in Nashville, saying they’re “busier than they’ve ever been.” The group doesn’t offer abortion services or referrals, of course, but does offer medical services like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, as well as resources and aid to abortion-vulnerable women.

While Planned Parenthood’s Nashville clinic says they’re still offering services other than abortions, Knox News reports their customer base has dwindled to practically nothing.

While Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding still sits at a nauseating $500 million annually, the abortion giant has been struggling to keep its doors open in recent years. The organization closed 32 of its clinics in 2017 alone, affected by crackdowns in state funding and an inability to find enough doctors willing to perform abortions. 

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