NASCAR Apologizes to LGBTQ Fascists For Allowing Gov. Abbott to Wave the Green Flag

Jay Maxson | June 2, 2022
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That loud roaring sound you hear is NASCAR roaring into the me-too-LGBT parade.

After practically every major sport in the USA earned an A+ grade from the LGBTQ fascists celebrating pride month, NASCAR on Wednesday joined the woke in-club, too, along with an apology for its “recent actions.”  

What could those “wrong actions” be? Jenna Frye, who reports on NASCAR for the Associated Press, says it was Texas Gov. Greg Abbott waving the green starting flag at the recent NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway. NASCAR tweeted this virtue signal: 

“As we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we acknowledge that recent actions have not aligned with NASCAR’s mission to be a welcoming sport for all. 

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to create a more inclusive environment — in our workplaces, at the race track & in the stands.” 

While NASCAR has not confirmed that Abbott's participation in the event was the catalyst for their apology, Frye quoted a source as saying, “Abbott at Texas was a mistake.” 

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Which makes perfect sense given that earlier this year, the Texas governor directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to “conduct a prompt and thorough investigation” into cases of children undergoing treatments such as puberty blockers to alter their biological development. The move was based on the opinion of the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that determined such "'sex change procedures‘ constitute child abuse under existing Texas law."

At the time, Abbott called it a violation of state law to subject Texas children to elective procedures such as “gender transitioning," and directed doctors, nurses, teachers and parents to follow the law. 

That drew plenty of LGBTQ wrath the governor's way, and now the craven leaders at NASCAR are doing a mea culpa to get right with leftist groups, following the pro sports association lemmings, along with its own Drive for Diversity efforts, to show its wokeness. 

Newsbusters’ Managing Editor Curtis Houck tweeted:  

“People on here (Twitter) triggered that a politician was allowed to be at a race in a red state and wave the green flag need to grow up. People who don't vote as you do shouldn't be forced into either caving or be silenced.” 

There’s another NASCAR race coming up June 12 in Sonoma, Calif. The betting windows are probably closed on whether or not a homosexual, bisexual, transgender or non-binary person waves the green start flag there in the “People’s Republic” of California.