Narcissist Mayor Adams: A Female God Made Me For ‘This Moment’

Patrick Taylor | July 26, 2022
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It’s never a dull day with New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). Whether he’s theatrically smashing dirt bikes, giving awkward tours of “his apartment,” or rubbing shoulders with celebrities at nightclubs, Adams is always up to something that will leave you scratching your head.

His latest comments during a press conference on Sunday concerning his city’s monkeypox outbreak, however, may be nearing the top of that list.


“Every skill I’ve ever acquired is coming to play right now,” Adams said, “You know, I mean, from monkeypox to COVID, to, you know, asylum seekers. You know, this is a moment where leadership matters. I think the Creator knew we were going to have a difficult time, so she made sure I was mayor at this time.”

“I’m prepared for this moment,” he continued. “I built a great team. We are meeting these challenges as they come, and I’m just thankful that I’m here to serve this city.”

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Adams later extended some credit to his “five women deputy mayors,” but did not make any statements on whether a female god also created them for a similar destiny.

Adams’s comments Sunday aren’t the first time the New York City mayor has injected seemingly New Age beliefs into his rhetoric. Adams claimed in June that crystals beneath New York City give it “special energy,” and according to the New York Post, he often wears a band of “healing crystals.”

During the aforementioned press conference, Adams also joked with social worker Adriana Rodriguez-Bosman about her baby’s birth in September, advising her to give birth before September 22, so that her baby “could be a Virgo.”
With crime rates in New York City continuing to rise, it begs the question: Is Eric Adams waiting for the stars to be properly aligned  to take action?

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