'My Opinion Is More Valid Than Yours': Protesters Threaten To Tear Down The Emancipation Memorial

Clay Robinson | June 26, 2020
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Protestors threatened to tear down the Emancipation Monument in Washington Thursday evening after barriers were erected around it.

Video footage from the Young America’s Foundation, shows an argument between two women at the foot of the statue. 

“I’m a black woman and you think I’m going to attack her but I won’t,” one of the protestors says to a nearby officer who attempted to deescalate the situation. The argument continues, but it’s not clear what is being said.

“I’m black, my opinion is more valid than yours! What?! Because you’re white, you think you’re right?!” the black woman screams into a megaphone.

The white woman responds, “Our opinions are equally valid!”

The crowd responds, “No they are not!”

“What you are doing is called white privilege!” a man interrupted. 

The white woman then asked, “How is it privileged to suggest that her rights and my rights are of equal relevance?”

“I will never be equal to you!” the black woman shouted.

“Yes, you are right now!” the woman responded.

“Do you support tearing down public property with violence?” the white woman asked.

 The black woman responded promptly, “Yes.”

“If you don’t like this statue, there are proper channels to take it down. But violence is not the answer.”

“You don’t get to decide for everyone,” the white woman added, “Go through the proper channels, I don’t think that’s unreasonable.”

Maybe some people are missing the point of the Emancipation Memorial, perhaps the video below could help them.