Must-See: Fan Makes EPIC Marvel Versus DC Trailer

Monica Sanchez | December 22, 2014

Created by YouTube user Alex Luthor, this amazing trailer depicts any superhero fan’s dream: a Marvel versus DC smack-down.

While the concept has yet to be made into a reality, this fan did a convincing job–compiling the trailer with footage from Marvel and DC movies, video games, and TV series.

The video braces viewers for the ultimate face-offs between comicbook favorites. 

  • Superman versus Thor
  • Batman versus Iron Man
  • Marvel versus DC

Who do you think would win?

Superman versus Thor
Superman would win
Thor would win
It'd be a tie
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Batman versus Iron Man
Batman would win
Iron Man would win
It'd be a tie
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Marvel versus DC
Marvel's superheroes would win
DC's superheroes would win
It'd be a tie
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