Muslim Woman Salutes ISIS In Aussie Court During Trial of Terrorist Recruiter Husband

Nick Kangadis | May 4, 2018
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You would think being part of the “religion of peace” would give a person the ability to display respect for others. But, for one radical Muslim woman in Australia respect is reserved only for Allah — and probably her oppressive husband as well.

A Muslim woman covered from head to toe other than her eyes was found guilty on Friday of disrespectful behavior in an Australian court after refusing to stand nine times for a judge during the 2016 trial of her husband, a terrorist recruiter.

But, that’s not the only reason 50-year-old Moutia Elzahed — wife of jailed terrorist recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi — is receiving attention.

According to the Daily Mail:

Wearing an ink black burqa, the 50-year-old Muslim woman walked away from the Sydney Downing Centre Court as she continued to perform the ISIS salute while her friend called journalists ‘cockroaches'.

The single finger salute of a right hand represents tawhid, a key component of Muslim religion, and signifies 'ISIS' violent and uncompromising posture' towards 'the destruction of the West', according to Foreign Affairs. 

The Muslim woman's decision to use the ISIS salute appears to reflect the moment her husband performed the same gesture moments before he was sentenced for eight years.

At the very least, it's disrespectful to not at least reveal your face to the court when either standing trial or giving testimonial evidence? How does the court know that the person is who they say they are if they have no idea what you look like?

The Daily Mail reported that Elzahed — who is one of the terrorist recruiters two wives — said that only her “brother, husband, father or son” can see her without her oppressive garb.

Since Elzahed refused to stand for the judge nine times, she was found guilty on nine charges of disrespectful court behavior. Each count could mean “14 days in jail and/or an $1,100 fine.” Elzahed will return to court June 15.

Thank God that this woman and her husband were not treated with kid gloves in the Australian court system. People like Elzahed are so completely dedicated to their cause that they basically spit in the face of civilized society.

Let’s see. Elzahed’s husband was jailed for being a terrorist recruiter, and Elzahed defiantly gave the ISIS salute after being convicted for her own offenses. You can really feel the love there — even though the husband’s love is divided between Elzahed and Alqudsi’s other wife.

It’s a match made in hell.

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