Muslim: Saying 'Merry Christmas' Worse than Murder

danjoseph | December 2, 2014
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Talk about a "War on Christmas"!

Video has surfaced of an Muslim man known as Abu Muss'ab Wajdi Akkari who claims that simply uttering the phrase "Merry Christmas" is akin to murder.

The man appears to be an Islamic cleric of some kind and also appears to be giving a speech or seminar.

In the video, the man argues that Muslims cannot say "Merry Christmas" under any circumstances.

“ Saying congratulations on your false religion. Congratulations on your false understanding of life. You are congratulating them on the most evil of Shirk and Kufr.”

In Islam, ‘Shirk’ is the sin of practicing idolatry, while ‘Kufr’ is disbelief in the tenets of Islam.  Apparently, both are really bad.

“….this is worse than fornication, drinking alcohol or killing someone.  Because you are approving of the biggest crime ever committed by the children of Adam Shirk.”

Whoa!  That’s pretty bad. 

In the U.S., there’s a lot of controversy over whether businesses should wish their customers a "Merry Christmas" - or the more politically-correct "Happy Holidays," so as not to offend anyone who’s too sensitive to handle basic thousand-year old phrases.

But, according to this guy, if you’re a Muslim, you should probably just keep your mouth shut altogether. 

H/T: Young Conservatives