Muslim Passenger Calls Stewardess 'Stupid F---ing B---h' For Serving Him Turkey

Caleb Tolin | June 19, 2018
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On Sunday morning, a passenger on a WizzAir flight reportedly called a stewardess a “stupid f---ing b---h” and a “f---ing sl-t” for serving him exactly what he ordered.

The baguette the passenger bit into was apparently labeled “turkey ham” which he interpreted as “pork.” Once he called over the stewardess, she began to explain that it was, in fact, turkey, and that turkey ham is more like the bologna of turkey because of how it's manufactured.

Cell phone video shows the man snapped back saying, “Listen to me, I’ve worked in restaurants I know what ham is. Turkey is not ham, beef is not ham, chicken is not ham. Ham is pork. It tastes like ham. I can’t eat this, just give me my money back please.”

He then got upset when the stewardess asked that he not speak to her in that manner, repeating “what does that mean ‘it’s not appropriate to speak like that to me’?”

As if that is a completely confusing concept.

Even when the stewardess got another flight attendant to explain that the turkey was factory produced and that’s why it tastes the way it does, the man still didn’t get the memo and said it didn’t taste like the fresh turkey he usually buys at the market -- who woulda thunk?

WizzAir released a statement saying “We have looked into this issue and can confirm that the sandwich served to the passenger did not contain pork or any product derived from pork.”