Musk’s Girlfriend At Met Gala: ‘I Love America, I Know You’re Not Supposed To Say That’

Gabriel Hays | September 14, 2021
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The Musk family is very avant-garde to say the least. Of course, what else would you expect from a billionaire tech pioneer who runs the world’s top space flight program, his goth electronic musician girlfriend who goes by the name “Grimes,” and their child -- whose name can’t even be written in the English alphabet? Either way they are refreshingly pro-American.

During the Met Gala, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, took to the red carpet in a very sci-fi look and told the press that her dress was inspired by American artists. While doing so she professed her love for this country and provided a dry quip about the fact that it’s not cool to say that in polite society, or at least around the wealthy libs who populate such elitist shindigs.

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Keeping with the theme of the event, which was dubbed, “In American: A Lexicon of Fashion,” Grimes explained that her sci-fi dress, which featured purple and chrome patterns complete with an entirely chrome face mask, was inspired by the upcoming movie Dune, which she reminded viewers is adapted from a sci fi novel written by an American author.

Even wilder, Grimes’ accessories of choice included a book with light up pages and a real short sword which she told Vogue Magazine was made out of melted down “Colt AR-15s.” Yeah it’s badass in a very strange, alien way. But her ultimate message was nice. 

The Vogue interviewer, who happened to be unfunny, far lefty comedian, Ilana Glazer, asked Grimes, who is a Canadian national, what American fashion means to her. “You’re a Canadian immigrant. Tonight’s about American fashion. What made you leave Canadian fashion behind and enter fashion in this country?”

Grimes of course praised the fashion of her home country as “sick” (in a good way), “especially the unofficial kind,” she added. But then gave her endearing pro-America line, saying, “But, uh, I love America. I know you’re not supposed to say that, but I think everyone who cares about art comes here, and all the best art in the world is here so … “

Though Grimes did admit in her next breath that she is currently after her green card, and immediately asked President Biden via the Vogue feature, “Please let me have my green card.” 

Perhaps it was a cynical ploy to get into America, but still someone at a Hollywood red carpet being visibly excited by the prospects of being able to live in America is not something you see everyday.

Her boyfriend Elon Musk, who is from South Africa and became a U.S. citizen in 2002, is a big fan of the country as well. In the past he has tweeted about how amazing our country’s legal system is “and in a 2020 interview with Bloomberg, he stated, “America is still the land of opportunity more than any other place, for sure.”