Musk Tells Carlson 'Goal of New Twitter,' Takes Shot at Zuckerberg's 2020 Funding of Dems

Nick Kangadis | April 18, 2023
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For years, the Twitter social media platform has been a cavernous cascade of cancerous comments by clout chasers searching for confirmation of their claims. Of course, so many of Twitter are completely full of crap that it’s been difficult to discern what’s actually misinformation and what’s reality.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk aims to change all of that, despite it warranting a Herculean effort.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Musk noted what the “goal of new Twitter” will be going forward, especially with the 2024 election coming right around the corner.

“The goal of new Twitter is to be as fair and even-handed as possible,” Musk said. “So, not favoring any political ideology, just being fair to all.”

While that is great to hear, what was even funnier was immediately after the comment above, Carlson noted that he wondered whether CEO of Meta Platforms Mark Zuckerberg would seek to do something similar to Musk as he allegedly claimed.

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Carlson said he took Zuckerberg “at face value,” to which Musk laughed and said, “Really?”

“My understanding is that Zuckerberg spent $400 million in the last election, nominally in a “Get Out the Vote” campaign, but really, fundamentally, in support of Democrats. Is that accurate or not accurate?” Musk asked Carlson.

“Yes, that is accurate,” Carlson responded while chuckling.

“Does that sound unbiased to you?” Musk retorted.

“No, it doesn’t,” Carlson said.


Ouch, maybe if Zuckerberg carried himself as a little more human and a little less soundbite, people might actually believe him when he says certain things. But his actions tell another story.

And while Musk can be criticized for many things, including his dealings with Chinese Communist Party-affiliated (CCP) corporations for manufacturing, at least when it comes to Twitter, he appears to be attempting to do the right things.


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