Musk Says George 'Soros Hates Humanity,' 'Wants to Erode the Very Fabric of Civilization'

Nick Kangadis | May 16, 2023
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While it’s not exactly clear which side of the humanity debate billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk stands on, at least there are some people that will call out real society’s “Dr. Evil,” billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros.

Musk appears to be one of those people.

Late Monday evening, in an exchange with leftist Twitter narrative-shaper Brian Krassenstein, Musk began the interaction by posting an initial tweet stating the Soros is reminiscent of “X-Men” comic book bad guy, Magneto — which is saying something, because even Magneto had shown signs of having a heart here and there.

Well, Krassenstein responded to Musk by playing defense for the indefensible Soros, saying he was a “Holocaust survivor” who “get’s [sic] attacked nonstop for his good intentions.”

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In the immortal words of Danny Zuko from the classic film “Grease,” “…don’t make me laugh.”


In response to Krassenstein sucking up to Soros, Musk provided his opinion of the 93-year-old.


Some respondents on Twitter even pointed out a 2009 interview Soros did in which he said he felt no guilt for aiding the Nazis in rounding up Jewish people and their property.

But sure, Krassenstein. Soros is attacked for his “good intentions.”


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