Music Store Owner Would Rather 'Starve and Close' Than Make Money Off Trump 'Sympathizers'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 21, 2019
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A music store owner in Ohio is so against Trump supporters he says he'd rather starve and close his own store than to take their money.

Joe’s Music is located in Willoughby, Ohio, and if any Trump “sympathizer” is looking to spend some of their hard earned bucks to buy a musical instrument there, they’re probably going to change their mind. 

“Dear Trump sympathizers. I am truly sorry, however I feel unclean and dirty accepting money from you,” the store owner wrote on a sign. “Please, politely shop somewhere else. Sorry, I would rather starve and close the store than participate in wrong-doing. Many blessings to you. I hope you understand.”

The store’s owner, identified just as Joe by WOIO, claims he supports President Trump but doesn’t support the president’s politics. Joe also says he’s tired of the everyday rhetoric and the discourse, according to Cleveland 19

Makes you wonder why he’d post a controversial sign right on his company’s front door if he was so tired of all of this.

“I did not do this for attention...I have posted things before about President Trump, so I didn’t expect this response," he told WOIO.

Joe claims that though his sign clearly tells Trump sympathizers to go away, he is not banning them from coming into his store.

“Let me be very clear: this is not a ban. I am asking people to make a choice. There is a difference between asking and telling. I am not refusing service to anyone,” he said.

Some might find that hard to believe Joe, considering he’d rather “starve and close” his store than to take any money from a supporter of the president. But I guess we can only take his word for it - after all, it does seem to be worth its weight in gold.

Take a look at the video from WOIO below:


H/T: The Blaze