Music Service to Donate 100% of Their Proceeds to Transgender Law Center


Bandcamp, an online music store catering primarily to local artists, will be donating 100 percent of their share of every sale they make on Friday to the Transgender Law Center.

A statement on the Bandcamp website claims the site supports people in “all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality” against those “that would like to see them further marginalized.”

According to Bandcamp, the Trump administration is one of those groups that marginalizes transgender people:

Bandcamp is a platform for artistic expression, and all manner of variance in experience and identity, including gender and sexuality, is welcome here. We support our LGBT+ users and staff, and we stand against any person or group that would see them further marginalized. This includes the current U.S. administration, and its recent capricious declaration that transgender troops will no longer be able to serve in the military. That this announcement was motivated in part to help fund the border wall exposes it as part of the administration’s cynical, discriminatory agenda

In their statement in support of the transgender community, Bandcamp included a list of transgender and “gender non-conforming” artists for users to listen to.

According to Bandcamp's pricing page, the site takes 15 percent of all digital sales and 10 percent of all merchandise sales as revenue. Bandcamp’s “about us” page claims that within the past 30 days, artists have received $5.3 million in revenue.

The Transgender Law Center has created campaigns like the "#transTRUTH selfie campaign," which encouraged young children to take selfies online coming out as "trans."

This is not Bandcamp’s first time being political. As they note on their website, they donated money to the ACLU after President Trump’s travel ban executive order which banned travel from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Bandcamp is also not the first music service that has gone political. Spotify also created a pro-refugee playlist in response to Trump’s Syrian refugee ban, however, an Spotify executive was later killed in a terrorist attack by an individual whose asylum appeal was rejected.

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