MTV 'Comedian' Says Trump Should've Committed Suicide Instead of Anthony Bourdain

Brittany M. Hughes | June 8, 2018

I’m not sure when “comedy” turned into “say the most vile thing you can think of about Trump and pretend it’s funny,” but it seems today’s comedians are trying to one-up each other on who can sink the lowest.

MTV actress and stand-up “comedian” Rasika Mathur responded to news of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, saying she wished it had been President Trump who'd taken his own life instead of the 61-year-old travel show host.


If you don’t know who Mathur is, don’t worry, neither does anyone else. But she does have a recurring role on MTV’s show Wild ‘N Out, hosted by Nick Cannon – a show she’s unlikely to be booted from, even for suggesting that the president off himself to cap off a week marked by two high-profile suicides. She’s also verified on Twitter, and will in all likelihood remain so.

But regardless of whether Twitter or MTV notice Mathur’s hate-spewing, other users sure did.

It seems some people never pass up the chance to sink even lower - even if it means joking about suicide.