MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Backs Up AOC's 'Concentration Camp' Claim, Says Others Are On the '[Wrong] Side of History'


MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Tuesday backed up Democratic N.Y. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s opinion that border detention facilities are akin to Nazi “concentration camps,” suggesting that anyone who doesn’t agree is on the wrong “side of history.”

“Who do you think will end up on the right side of history: those cheering on the concentration of tens of thousands of desperate migrants in camps with communicable diseases and contemptuous neglect, or those shouting loudly that this is terrible?” Hayes tweeted Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez caught flak on social media for her Instagram livestream Monday in which she claimed that border detention facilities used to house illegal aliens unlawfully crossing the U.S. border – the same overcrowded, underfunded ones that former President Barack Obama’s administration used – are exactly like the Nazi concentration camps used to round up and imprison millions of Jews, gypsies, disabled persons and anyone who didn’t fit Hitler’s version of a “master race.”

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