MSNBC Lectures About ‘Real History’ of Thanksgiving: ‘Genocide’

Gabriel Hays | November 23, 2021
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What kind of Thanksgiving segment do you think the same network that broadcasts Joy Reid’s anti-white screeds would opt for this year? 

If you guessed a segment about how Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in “genocide” and “violence,” congratulations! You nailed it!

Over the weekend, MSNBC anchor Tiffany Cross devoted time on her network program “Cross Connection” to lecture normal, traditional Americans about the “real history” of Thanksgiving. 

Oh, joy. You know, if we had nickel for every time someone wanted to teach us the “real history” of Thanksgiving, we might be able to afford a gallon of gas in the Biden economy. But anyway…

Tiffany Cross ceded time to her “friend” Gyasi Ross, a leftist commentator who had prepared a guest essay for the segment about the “white supremacy” inherent in Thanksgiving. 

So began another Critical Race Theory-steeped perspective on a holiday near and dear to most everyone in this country. Ross opened by saying, “The mythology of Thanksgiving closely mirrors the mythology of America. And that mythology is the image that white Americans love to see of themselves.”

What Ross meant by this is that Thanksgiving mythology is designed to portray a rosy, heartwarming picture of peaceful pilgrims. He explained, “White settlers come to a strange land in good faith, bringing something of great value that enriches the people who are already here. The natives also bring something of immense value: equal exchange.”

But, remember, that's “mythology,” as in, it’s not really the truth. 

He continued, saying, sure, the pilgrims had a good time, but the natives didn’t. “The truth is pilgrims did not bring turkey, sweet potato pie or cranberries to Thanksgiving,” he said, adding, “[T]hey brought nothing of value. But they got fed. They got schooled.” 

He then stated, “But I’m still trying to figure out what indigenous people received of value. Instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, those settlers brought genocide and violence.” Oh, there it is. The white colonial genocide. Shocker.

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He then tried to connect that old colonial violence to the modern day, saying, “That genocide and violence is still on the menu, as state-sponsored violence against native and black Americans is commonplace.” Oh, yes, because cops are hunting down and killing African Americans, right?

That is how MSNBC sees Thanksgiving in a post-George Floyd America.

Ross then went on to insult millions of normal, peace-loving Americans. “Many of us are still waiting for white Americans to bring something of value, still waiting for white America to match the mythology of Thanksgiving,” he said. 

Are you joking? Are the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution really of no value? This is patently ridiculous. But, really, how can you argue against these people, when they insist that someone like Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself from three attacking white men makes him the embodiment of “white privilege.”

There’s no winning with these people. Let’s hope they enjoy some peace of mind this holiday. They seem to desperately need it.

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