MSNBC Host Tells Republican: 'You'd Be Fine With' Trump Saying, 'I Really Like Raping Women'

Craig Bannister | October 12, 2016
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Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) called out MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for blindsiding and pressing him about an “outrageous and hypothetical” Donald Trump quote.

On Tuesday’s “All In,” Host Hayes sprung a fictitious “I really like raping women” comment by Donald Trump on the Republican congressman – and then told him “you would be fine with that.”

Hayes repeatedly tried to put his words in the obviously-flustered congressman’s mouth:

Hayes: “Congressman, if someone off the record said, in a locker room - this was not in a locker room this was a workplace - said, ‘I really like raping women,’ would that be locker room talk?”

Rep. Farenthold: “Again, it depends, you don’t know the entire context.”

Hayes: “But, you would be fine with that.”

Rep. Farenthold: “I don’t like what he said.”

Hayes: “If a tape came out with Donald Trump saying that, saying, ‘I really like to rape women,’ you would continue to endorse him?”

Rep. Farenthold: “Again, that would be bad. And, I would have to consider it. But, again, we’re talking about what Donald Trump said ten years ago as opposed to what Hillary Clinton has done in the past two or three years.”

In response to the Hayes ambush, Rep. Farenthold issued a statement admitting he mishandled Hayes’ badgering – which was unmistakably a politically-motivated attack by the MSNBC host:

“I would like to clarify what occurred earlier this evening on MSNBC. As someone who prides himself on answering every question asked, I was unprepared for the outrageous and hypothetical question asked me by Chris Hayes. That does not excuse my failure to immediately condemn anyone who would say, ‘I like raping women.’

“This was clearly an attempt by the media to paint Donald Trump and Republicans in as bad of light as possible."


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