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MSNBC Guest Calls for Not-So-Peaceful Protest with ‘Pitchforks and Torches’ at Trump Supporters Home


The left is calling for a blanket boycott of companies or their owners that support President Trump’s reelection.

News of a fundraiser in support of President Trump’s campaign by Stephen Ross, billionaire chairman and majority owner of The Related Companies, which is the parent company of Equinox and SoulCycle, circulated via social media by vehemently anti-Trump celebrities such as model and TV personality Christine Teigen, calling on their followers to boycott and end their memberships immediately.

Warning: Explicit language

A guest on MSNBC on Thursday went a step further, calling for a protest with “pitchforks and torches” to take place outside of Ross’s Hamptons residence.

"I want pitchforks and torches outside this man's house in the Hamptons," Above The Law executive editor Elie Mystal said. "I've been to the Hamptons, it's very nice. There's no reason it has to be. There's no reason he should be able to have a nice little party, right? There's no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house and making their voices peacefully understood."

MSNBC host Chris Hayes replied, “Totally,” but then rather cautiously added that he imagines “there will be peaceful protests outside this which is, again it's all speech, right, peaceful protest, the right to assembly under the First Amendment."

"That is the way that — because your point here is how does civil society deal with what we're seeing?" Hayes asked.

The national boycott of Equinox and SoulCycle follows another incident of doxxing where Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.) shared a list of local San Antonio Trump donors, publicly shaming them for their contributions.

Tiegen is taking things up another level, tweeting Thursday another list of businesses that reportedly have made contributions to the Trump campaign or support his administration:


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