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MSNBC Contributor Says Bomb Packages May 'Exceed the Scope' Of Lincoln's Assassination


Apparently low on hyperbole, MSNBC Contributor and presidential historian Jon Meacham said he thinks this week’s bomb threat against some left-wing politicians and public figures may actually “exceed the scope” of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

“It’s, I think, the most widespread attempt on the lives of high American officials since – and it actually, may in fact exceed the scope – since the assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln in 1865,” Meacham told MSNBC’s Mike Brzezinski Thursday. 

Meacham added that “the potential for disaster was enormous, the scope of it is fascinating” with regard to this week's bomb story, going on to compare this week’s bomb scares with the assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson, the racial violence of the 1960s, and the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Because apparently, suspicious packages containing poorly constructed, non-operational bomb-like devices that didn’t go off or even make it to their intended targets is basically the same thing as a sitting U.S. president getting shot point-blank in the head just weeks after the end of a four-year-long civil war.

Interestingly, MSNBC didn't think packages contain the deadly poison ricin being sent to President Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Defense Secretary James Mattis earlier this month quite rose to the same level.

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