MSNBC: Abortion Needs 'Gender-Neutral' Language to Include Transgendered

Ben Graham | June 5, 2015
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Liberals can say some pretty kooky things when given the platform to do it. The Media Research Center has 27 years worth of archives full of evidence to that effect. Need more proof? Wait until you hear what these two personalities on MSNBC had to say. 

Michelle Goldberg, a writer for “The Nation,” appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes and delivered a statement that will simply melt the brain from inside your skull.

Goldberg said that, based on her conversations with "younger people," they find it "amazing" that "anybody" would question the need for gender-neutral language in reference to abortion.

“So there’s been this kind of move to remove the word ‘women’ from a lot of language around abortion, abortion funds," she said. "And there’s a lot of second-wave feminists – and not only second-wave feminists – who say, you know, if you take women out of this, and you kind of take an understanding of patriarchy out of this, which I don’t necessarily think you have to do, but I think, yeah, there’s still a lot of sort of conceptual murk to clear away."

"But among younger people that I’ve talked to, it almost seems amazing to them that anybody would question the need to have gender-neutral language,” said Goldberg.

Apparently the "young people" she's been talking to haven’t received enough state-funded “sexual education” to know that the male species is simply not equipped with wombs. No amount of hormones or self-mutilation could ever give a man the ability to become pregnant. And, if you can’t become pregnant, then according to liberal feminist logic, you don’t have a voice in the issue.

Check out the clip below for their ridiculous remarks.

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