MS-13 Members Plead Guilty In Virginia To Murdering, & Dismembering Man With a Machete

Brittany M. Hughes | August 27, 2018
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Four MS-13 gang members, including at least one illegal alien, have pleaded guilty to abducting, murdering and hacking up 24-year-old Marvin Joel Rivera-Guevara with a machete in a Virginia community back in 2017.

Jose Luis Escobar-Umana, 23, pleaded guilty Thursday in Albemarle County Circuit Court to four charges including first-degree murder, abduction, lynching and being a member of a criminal street gang, according to Fox News.

Escobar-Umana was charged along with 21-year-old Walter Antonio Argueta Amaya, an illegal alien from El Salvador,  as well as 19-year-olds Juan Carolos Argueta and Juan Carolos Zelaya – both of whom were only 18 at the time of the murder. All four have pleaded guilty to the charges.

Police said the four abducted Guevara and murdered him near a creek in Albemarle County on July 3 of last year, reportedly hitting him with a machete more than 140 times. By the end of the attack, Guevara was so unrecognizable that he had to be identified using DNA after his body was found by a fisherman on July 4.

Authorities say Guevara is thought to have been murdered because he was publicly critical of MS-13.

The four perpetrators will be sentenced separately in November and December.


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