Mrs. Obama Can't Recall If She's Been Married '20-Something Years,' 'Over a Decade,' or 'A While'

Craig Bannister | April 22, 2015
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First Lady Michelle Obama couldn’t remember how long she’s been married to the President of the United States at a “Q&A With Children at Take-Our-Daughters-And-Sons-To-Work Day” event at the White House today – vacillating from “twenty-something years” to “over a decade” – before settling on, simply, “a while.”

QUESTION: “How long have you been with Barack Obama?”

MRS. OBAMA:  “Have we been married?  Twenty-something years.  (Laughter.)  Wait, somebody.  You guys know the date.  When was it?  It’s been over a decade.  It’s been a while.”

Turns out, Michelle married Barack on Oct. 18, 1992 – so, they’ll be celebrating their 23rd anniversary in about six months.