Is ‘Democracy’ A Code Word For ‘Leftist Tyranny’ To The Media?

mrctvstaff | May 15, 2024


MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner joined One America News Network’s ‘In-Focus’ on Tuesday to discuss the leftist media’s obsession with claiming that if ‘Their Guy’ Joe Biden doesn’t win the election, it’s “the end of democracy.”

The media loves to parrot DNC talking points (in speeches throughout his time in office Joe Biden has warned a second Trump term would herald the “end of democracy”) but in doing so they completely miss the point that America is a Constitutional Republic.

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“The left always hears dog whistles when Trump speaks. Every time he says something – well, it's a ‘code word.’ It really means ‘this.’ It really means he's racist. It's really a dog whistle for this. I think for the left the word ‘democracy’ is a code word for ‘tyranny of the left.’ That's what it's a code word for. They fear the end of the tyranny of the left,” Scheiner said.

Former Biden spokesperson and current MSNBC host Jen Psaki also came up in conversation as she has coined the new term “conspiracy brain,” but does Psaki really know what a conspiracy is?

Watch the video above to view the discussion.

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