MRCTV's Hughes: Dems Resort to 'Fear-Mongering Tactic' To Push Policies that 'Wreck' the Economy

mrctvstaff | June 20, 2022
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Appearing on Fox News Tonight with Shannon Bream Friday, MRCTV's Brittany Hughes commended CNN for actually covering the violence perpetrated against pro-life pregnancy centers by militant abortion activists in recent weeks, giving "credit it where credit is due" to the normally left-leaning news outlet for acknowledging the dozens of pro-life clinics that have been vandalized and firebombed in anticipation of SCOTUS overturning Roe v.Wade.

"We saw this after the networks largely ignored an assassination attempt on a sitting Supreme Court justice, so it was interesting to see them finally covering the violence now that the FBI is investigating this as potential domestic terrorism," Hughes said.

As a media lowlight, Hughes also called out MSNBC commentator Cornell Belcher for saying Democrats should "scare the hell out of" voters to get them to support leftist politicians in November.

"This is a fear mongering tactic," Hughes explained, calling out Belcher for alleging that the United States will "lose our democracy" and that black Americans will face more oppression if Republicans win in November.

"Under President Trump, until we got to the COVID pandemic, black Americans were actually experiencing record low poverty and unemployment rates. Things were actually better for Americans pre-Joe Biden," Hughes said.

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