MRCTV On The Street: Voices From The Men's March For The Unborn

Gabriel Hays | June 15, 2021
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The message of the Men’s March is so simple, yet so controversial for many, and it’s that men need to stand up for the most defenseless in society and right now that means standing up for the unborn. Our culture of death has made great strides in dissuading men from speaking out against abortion, claiming that a woman has every right to decide to abort, regardless of how the father feels about it.

That’s why, during this year’s first ever Men’s March on June 12, 2021, men of faith and tradition said NO to abdicating their responsibility as fathers and defenders of the defenseless. During this male exclusive pro-life event, participants made a solemn, prayerful march from the Washington Surgi-Clinic – a notorious third trimester abortion facility in DC’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood – to the White House (or just outside the closed-off Lafayette Park) where they heard speeches from several pro-life men about the need for men to step up and end the scourge of abortion.

We were fortunate enough to speak to several of the men who attended the march, including the event’s founders, Catholic priest Father Stephen Imbarrato and Catholic radio host Jim Havens. “We do have an ongoing, daily mass murder of the pre-born – government sanctioned, government protected, government funded – and we have to face it,” Havens told us. Imbarrato elaborated on what men’s responsibility is in this fight, telling us, “Men have always stood up to protect women, protect children, and protect the culture against evil.”

To hear more thoughts from the upstanding gentlemen defending life at the Men’s March, watch the video above. 

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