MRCTV On The Street: Pro-Aborts Want Abortions To Fight Capitalism (No, Really)

Gabriel Hays | January 25, 2022
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In an effort to track down pro-abortion people to get their reaction to the annual March for Life held on January 21, MRCTV went to an abortion rights rally held the day after the pro-life gathering.

The people we met had very interesting perspectives to say the least, arguing that pro-lifers want to outlaw abortions not to save babies, but to prop up a "cutthroat capitalist," "patriarchal" and "white supremacist" system that survives off the oppression of women.



Yes, God love them, but many of these demonstrators at the pro-abortion rally sounded like insane conspiracy theorists.

One woman claimed that considering an unborn baby a baby is "crazy" and that a fetus is more of a "fleshy walnut" than a human being. That same woman also claimed that calling an unborn baby a baby is part of an evil conservative agenda designed to make America's rule of law based on the Bible.

If she only knew. 

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In addition, another woman – a self-proclaimed vegan – admitted to us that she might consider an unborn baby a life, in the same way she consider the vegetables she eats to be living things. Though we don't know what that means philosophically, it's clearly fairly insane as well.

We also met a Black Lives Matter-supporting communist who claimed that abortion needs to be legal and capitalism needs to end in a "revolution" involving millions of people taking to the streets, otherwise "women will die."

Yeah, this is the state of the pro-abortion movement. It sure doesn't feel like history is on their side. 

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