MRCTV Interview: Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon Says the Left is 'Ramping Up Their Efforts to Silence' Conservatives

Nick Kangadis | September 22, 2022
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Wednesday night was the Media Research Center (MRC) held its 35th Anniversary Gala, "Night of the Unwoke," and Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon was one of the MRC's many special guests and honorees.

Dillon was kind enough to talk with MRCTV and give us the lowdown on all things Babylon Bee, as well as the current state of the conservative movement.

Here's a little of what Dillon told us:

In terms of where we’re at in the culture right now, we’re definitely on the defensive. You know, we’re always accused of punching down when we make the jokes that we make. Punching down is, you know, when you’re making fun of people who are, like, less powerful and privileged than you are. That’s what it’s supposed to be. I don’t characterize it that way. I don’t see us as punching down. I think we’re punching back. I think we’ve been on the ropes for a long time in the culture wars, and I think we’re finally starting to punch back. And, they’re freaked out a little bit by that, so they’re ramping up their efforts to silence us.

For the full interview, watch below:


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