MRC’s Bozell/Sen. Cruz: Media & Big Tech Are Terrified of Questions On Biden Email Story

Eric Scheiner | October 19, 2020
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Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) held a confrenece call on Monday to discuss the unprecendented social media censorship seen in recent weeks from Big Tech.

Cruz says the mainstream media is scared of asking Joe Biden questions about Hunter Biden’s emails and Big Tech is censoring anyone who tries to discuss the issue online.

“Last week we had in a period of 24 hours. The New York Post break two blockbuster stories. The first was what purported to be email evidence of corruption between Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian oligarchs. Less than 24 hours later, The New York Post broke a second story of what purported to be email evidence of corruption between Vice President Joe Biden directly and communist China, and in particular, an offer of millions of dollars directed to Joe Biden himself, to engage in joint business ventures with communist China,” Cruz said.

“In any ordinary political cycle, either one of these stories alone would immediately demand follow up questions, would demand that the campaign and the candidate facing serious evidence of corruption address the details and specifics. Instead, we've seen something truly astonishing. The mainstream media is terrified of asking Joe Biden any question whatsoever. The Biden campaign has an even dignified these stories with cursory denials, because they know the media will roll over like lapdogs rather than investigate and report on facts. And big tech made the extraordinary decision to censor the American media. “

“If an individual user attempted to tweet a link to either article, that link was blocked,” Cruz added.

“Big Tech has taken the astonishing view that it has unlimited power to censor the media to prevent the American people from learning about these stories and to punish anyone who. He dares discuss facts that are inconvenient to the political narrative.”

Bozell says the MRC’s new CensorTrack operation has been documenting hundreds of cases of conservatives being censored, but the efforts of social media and big tech to censor free speech following the release of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden e-mails has taken things to a new level.

“Since the Democratic convention, we've analyzed and we've documented how 260 different users on Facebook and Twitter that have had their posts about Biden scrubbed from social media. When it comes to censoring organizations, conservative groups, left or right or censored but Facebook is still allowing the factions of Antifa on their websites,” Bozell said

“This last thing on Hunter Biden was particularly, where Facebook was concerned, this one was particularly egregious. Why? Because Facebook has an open policy  - that says that it does not suppress information, it does not fact check. It has fact checkers who do that. The remarkable thing about this story, the New York Post story, was that Facebook - not its fact checkers, Facebook fact checked the story.”

More from Monday’s conference is available in the video above.

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