MRC’s Bozell: Media Ignore ‘Smoking Gun’ On Susan Rice

Eric Scheiner | April 4, 2017
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“The liberal media’s ‘nothing to see here’ approach to Susan Rice’s politically-motivated unmasking of Trump associates in sensitive intelligence material is shameful,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said in a release Tuesday.

“You’d think someone who lied to the press and the American people about her role in the unmasking just two weeks ago would invite more scrutiny. We have a smoking gun that points to criminal activity by President Obama’s national security advisor and the media have shown an utter lack of interest in pursuing the story.”

Despite reports that former President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice requested the unmasking of Trump transition officials whose names came up incidentally in conversations with foreign nationals who were under U.S. surveillance, many media outlets have failed to cover the news.

“If this story is not a top priority for every news outlet, they are aiding and abetting a cover-up. President Trump has every right to be furious with the press and the American people have every reason to be disgusted," Bozell said.

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