MRC’s Bozell: Leaked Google Report ‘Confirms Our Worst Fear’


Media Research Center President Brent Bozell responded Wednesday to news of a leaked 85 page internal briefing from Google suggesting in order to prevent certain political events, tech companies would have to start censoring web content.

"This story confirms our worst fear. Contrary to Google's public statements and what they have said to us in private discussions, Google is in the censorship business and apparently the lying business as well. We're going to be meeting with our coalition partners immediately and we will announce next moves very soon," Bozell said.


The internal company briefing, titled, “The Good Censor,” told how the “utopian narrative” of the online world was being destroyed by users, governments, and even tech companies. The report partially blamed the adoption of an American concept of free speech by tech companies. “This free speech ideal was instilled in the DNA of the Silicon Valley startups that now control the majority of our online conversations,” the document stated.

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