MRC’s Bozell At CPAC : Marxist Media Claiming to Be News  -‘That’s An Insult’

Eric Scheiner | March 2, 2023
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During a panel titled “Don Lemon Is Past His Prime Time”, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told the audience the leftist media is weaponized against the right, “They're weaponized. They're Marxist. Many of them are Marxists.”

“When we started in 1987, we went after this thing called liberal media bias. It doesn't exist anymore. We're not talking about a liberal media. You're talking about a media that could care less about the news. They don't report the news. They're weaponized. They're Marxist. Many of them are Marxists,” Bozell said.

“They are projecting the far, far left in America. Now, if you want to do that as an opinion writer, go ahead. But for them then to say that they are CNN, that they are CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, that is that's an insult to America to do this.

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I do find them insulting. I also find them idiotic because look - there's a leak, there's something happening where a virus comes out and kills half of humanity or whatever, and it comes and there's a lab in Wuhan and Donald Trump says, ‘Well, I think there was a leak in that lab.’

‘No, you don't. And that's racist!’  - Come on, folks. You know, it was so obvious all along where it came from. So now all of them are saying, well, I guess, yeah, I guess we should have reported on Hunter Biden. Yeah, I guess we should have covered 1001 Biden scandals. But  no, they don't want to do it.”


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