MRC’s Bozell: Corrupt Media Are Suppressing The Truth of Hunter Biden Bombshell

Eric Scheiner | October 28, 2020
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MRC President Brent Bozell has released a video hammering a complicit media for hiding the truth from the American people about the bombshell Hunter Biden scandal.

“Conservatives have maintained for years that the Biden family was utterly corrupt and that includes Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Evidence has now emerged that we were right all along. 

The laptop of Hunter Biden that has been found now shows conclusively that the Biden family was on the take in the Ukraine, it shows conclusively that Hunter Biden was put on the board and given a walloping $83,000 a month stipend, knowing nothing about energy for access to his father," Bozell says.

“We now know conclusively that a deal was struck between the Biden family and a Chinese government entity, a business entity that was, in effect, going to bribe the vice president of the United States,” Here later added.

“So what's the importance of this, the networks, the news media are suppressing this, they are keeping the truth from the American people. I've never seen anything like this in my life. If the media were doing their job, every single reporter would be on this story. They would be camped on the front lawn of the White House."

“Understand, if the American people do not have this information, you really don't have a Democratic Republic anymore.”

For more watch the complete video above.

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