Mr. Monopoly Trolls a Senate Equifax Hearing

ashley.rae | October 4, 2017
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Mr. Monopoly himself -- otherwise known as Rich Uncle Pennybags -- made an appearance at the Senate Banking Committee’s hearing on the Equifax data breach this week.

While former Equifax CEO Richard Smith was testifying, someone donning a Monopoly-inspired outfit, complete with a monocle, a white mustache, and a top hat, sat behind him:

According to CNBC, the identity of the mystery man is actually a woman named Amanda Werner, who tweeted out that, as a campaign manager for Public Citizen, she was protesting arbitration clauses. Public Citizen claims the arbitrary clauses are “get-out-of-jail free” cards for banks.

CNBC reports Werner also handed out the standard “get out of jail free” cards at the hearing.

In a statement to CNBC, Werner said, "Arbitration is a rigged game.”

"Bank lobbyists and their allies in Congress are trying to overturn the CFPB's rule so they can continue to rip off consumers with impunity,” Werner continued.

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