Movie Star Chris Pratt: God and Exercise the Answer to Toxic Internet Culture

Gabriel Hays | November 11, 2021
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Hollywood actor Christ Pratt knows exactly how to deal with depression and toxic internet culture. The Guardians of The Galaxy leading man insists that you have to give it up to God and let Him help you through your suffering.

Well, that’s some mental health advice the younger generations don’t hear too much but really should.

Pratt, a rare outspoken Hollywood Christian, whose faith makes him a polarizing figure in pop culture, recently posted a video of himself expressing how he deals with feeling “upset and depressed” and it’s about entrusting those negative feelings to God and carrying on with your life with joy.

Lately, Pratt has been in the headlines because internet users have been upset with recent social media statements of his. Last week, Pratt composed a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to his current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, about how much she means to him. At one point in the post, Pratt thanked Schwarzenegger for giving him a “gorgeous healthy daughter,” and the internet did not like that.

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Apparently, to the self-righteous internet mob – who no doubt were looking for any reason to bash the outspoken Hollywood Christian conservative – thought his “healthy daughter” line was a veiled dig at his ex-wife Anna Faris, whose son with the leading man was born premature with health complications.

The stink generated by Pratt haters over this innocuous line prompted headlines saying that Pratt was “getting cancelled.” Conservative site reported on November 5, that “thousands of woke Twitter users were enraged by an Instagram post in which he expressed his love for his wife.”

Thankfully, however, Pratt resurfaced online shortly thereafter to explain that he’s been pushing through the recent negative feelings. In a candid Instagram post, Pratt mentioned that he recently went to bed “really kind of upset and depressed” and woke up feeling the same way. Despite the fact that he wasn’t in the mood for much that day, especially not his morning run, Pratt explained that he put on his Christian music and went out anyway.

He explained to his fans how that was the right decision. 

“I got out in the woods, [I] got my blood pumping and God was like, sat down there right down next to me,” he claimed, adding that though he doesn’t “get emotional that often,” he “actually got emotional out in the woods.”

Pratt insisted that his faith in God is what got him through his funk, explaining that during his run he “just felt like there was another in the fire standing next to me.” For Pratt, Christ, who died for humanity’s sins, is the only One who can share in and alleviate our suffering. 

As such, he concluded his message, saying, “So I just want to say 'all glory to God.' And if you feel down today maybe get [some] exercise and maybe listen to some good worship music or get The Word in, because it really helped me this morning.”

Sounds like good advice. Prayer and exercise might be the right prescription for the emptiness that so many young people complain about. Thanks, Chris!