Move Over Trans Folks, There's a New 'Expression' In Town: The 'Femme Trans Guy'

Brittany M. Hughes | December 6, 2018
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Confused by women who think they’re men, or men who think they're women? Disturbed by stories of biological males walloping girls in their own sports leagues, or male teachers getting canned for refusing to watch confused little girls change in a boys' locker room?

Well it's time to set all that aside, because there’s a new P.C. subcategory in town – “gender expression.” And it takes gender-bending to a whole new baffling level.

Contrary to the more straight-forward concept of men who define themselves as women or vice versa (as confusing as that may be), this new subset of gender “non-binary” people include – deep breath here – women who think they’re men, but still present themselves as feminine. Well, sometimes. Kind of. It depends.

Confused? Me, too.

According to an article from INTO, an LGBT news and blog site, there’s a huge difference between “gender identity” – i.e., what gender you think you are – and “gender expression,” – or what you act like you are. For instance, this means that a woman who thinks she’s a man doesn’t necessarily have to live, dress or behave like a man, but should still be considered a man. Apparently.

“Conflating gender identity and gender expression are the largest issues when it comes to affirming transgender and non binary identities,” INTO explains. “Cisheteronormative society expects us to fit into the gender expression that is binaristic to their gender identity, when that is anything but the case and then pressures us to perform in a way we simply cannot perform.”

Got all that? No? Here’s an example to help your bigoted, backwards brain figure it out.

Fifteen-year-old Levi, a biological female who identifies as a “femme trans guy” and goes by both the pronouns “he” and “they,” explains, “I present myself in a variety of ways, ranging from the most stereotypically femme to quite [masculine].”

Sometimes, this means she dresses as a she; other times, she dresses like a guy. On still other days, she presents as a very feminine guy. And amid all this, it’s your responsibility to keep all of this straight and not get confused.

“People need to understand that gender isn’t just one of two options, or even one of three options,” Levi says. “Gender is fluid, and sometimes it has no connection to how someone presents themselves.”

This is especially frustrating, Levi claims, when she goes to a doctor for medical care, only to encounter a confused physician. (Probably because medical personnel are trained to address the physical as dictated by science and basic anatomy, but hey, who am I to judge based on simple facts.)

Similarly, 21-year-old Gabriel (again, a biological female) says she’s been “living as an effeminate trans man for over a year now,” and complains she’s been taken “less seriously” as a trans man because she’s….well, not very masculine.

Flor, also a 21-year-old biological woman, says she’s been living as an effeminate trans man and, thanks to her feminine tendencies, has been bullied by “trans guys…who had become the toxic masculine men they once were so disgusted by.”

So there you have it, folks. If you were just starting to wrap your head around the idea of men deciding they’re women or women saying they’re actually men, get ready for a whole new chapter to the ultra-progressive saga: people who have no idea what they are, but still expect you to automatically get with the ever-changing program.

Side note: does anyone with half a brain out there still think this isn’t a disorder?

(Cover Photo: Franziska Neumeister)

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