Move Over Tide Pods: Teens Are Now Snorting Condoms

Brittany M. Hughes | April 2, 2018
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First it was eating Tide Pods. Now, it’s snorting condoms.

Which is apparently a thing you can do.

The Sacramento Bee explains:

Also known as the “snorting condom challenge” or “condom-snorting challenge,” the fad actually dates back several years but has recently gone viral again, educators say.

The “challenge” involves snorting a condom up your nose and attempting to pull it down your throat and out of your mouth.

I’m taking the report’s word for it, considering I’ve never shoved a condom – or anything else, for that matter – up my nose and attempted to yank it through my mouth.

And apparently, this isn’t just a dozen or so morons who’ve decided inhaling contraceptives sounds like a good idea. Thousands of people are reportedly getting really close with their latex.

The challenge has gone viral, particularly on YouTube, where thousands of videos of people – mostly teens but also some young adults who host channels on the site – snorting condoms have been posted.

These are the generational “leaders,” mind you, that the left thinks should dictate our gun policies.

They're snorting condoms.

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