Move Over, Oil Nuts: Anti-Meat Losers Are Now Pouring Milk All Over Store Floors

Brittany M. Hughes | October 16, 2022
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I have no real qualms with vegetarians – as far as I’m concerned, more people living off garbanzo beans and spinach juice just means more bacon for the rest of us.

Animal rights activists, on the other hand, are certifiably insane.

While left-wing nutjobs mad that the world runs on fossil fuels were busy throwing cans of tomato soup on priceless paintings, anti-dairy towncriers, apparently pissed that anti-oil hysterics were getting all the attention, took to stealing cartons of milk and dumping them all over store floors while helpless clerks are forced to stand by and watch.

“Animal Rebellion,” a group of animal-loving environmental whackos, boasted that at least half a dozen “milk pours” took place across the U.K. last weekend, in which protesters – mostly young, white people who apparently don’t have jobs or any other worthwhile pursuit to keep them busy – stroll into a supermarket, grab milk they didn’t pay for, and start slinging it all over the floor and other merchandise.

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I’m not sure when the proper term is across the pond, but here in the States we have a word for someone who has nothing better to do than steal stuff, vandalize stores, and force some poor cashier who probably makes minimum wage to clean up the mess, all while whining about the plight of cattle:


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