Mother of Three Shoots Suspect Trying To Enter Her Home

Ferlon Webster Jr. | November 6, 2018
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Someone once said, “Don’t ever mess with a mom and her three kids, because you'll be sorry!” Well, I’m not sure anyone ever said that exactly, but it’s definitely true.

Last Thursday morning, an unfamiliar man began banging on the door of the South Carolinia home of Ashley Jones, oddly claiming the house was his. 

“This is my house!” Jones claims he said. “He was trying to get in and all that. Let him in, I’m not going to hurt you kind of thing,” she told WSPA.

After approaching the door to find out who the man was, Jones decided to call 911 and then she grabbed her gun. 

“I grabbed the gun and I came to the top of the stop of the steps. I told him ‘I have a gun, I will shoot you, do not come in my house.’”

The man was persistent and went toward the back of the home and tried to get into the back door and Jones says he “slid the screen open” but couldn’t get through the door because it was locked. He then returned to the front of the home and kicked the door in.

“As soon as he kicked that door in, he like, tried to walk towards coming in, that’s when I shot him.”

Jones’ surveillance video caught the whole scene and you can see the man being shot in the shoulder, he then runs off. Police arrived to the scene right after and arrested the would-be intruder. 

“Any mother is going to protect their kid anyway they need to, so that’s what I did.”

Jones’ children were thankfully sleep during this time and it’s great to see that their mother did what it took to keep an unhinged man from entering her home.  

Take a look at the video from WSPA below:

H/T: The Blaze

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