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Mother Shoots Intruder Found in Children's Bedroom


With the debate about gun control still raging after the terrorist attack in Orlando, it's good to be reminded why so many Americans strongly support their constitutional right to bear arms.

According to Fox 25 WFXT, the local Fox Channel for Portland, Ore., a mother used her legally owned firearm to protect her two young children from a home intruder.

Late Saturday night, the 33-year-old woman returned home with her two young children, ages five and 10, only to discover there was a stranger in one of the children's rooms. The mother, who was armed with a handgun, shot the man at least once. The intruder was pronounced dead at the scene by police officers.

Police are still investigating the incident, and say they will present the case at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office who will determine whether or not the mother properly exercised her Second Amendment right.

As of this moment, the mother is cooperating with investigators, has not been arrested on any charges, and her family is safe because of her actions. If it was not for her exercising her right to defend herself and her family using a firearm, the situation may have played out far worse.  

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