Most Voters Say Kamala Harris Isn't Qualified To Be President


Most voters say Kamala Harris – who currently stands at the first in line for the presidency should something befall President Joe Biden – isn’t actually qualified to be the Commander in Chief.

That’s according to a new Rasmussen poll released this week, which found the majority of voters, including 1 in 5 Democrats, say Harris lacks the creds to hold the world’s most powerful job. The survey found that only 25% of Republicans and 36 % of unaffiliated voters think Harris is qualified for the job she’s next in line to do. Meanwhile, 80% of Democrats say they think she is.

In total, roughly 4 in 10 voters say Harris isn’t qualified at all. 

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The poll also found that 51% said their impression of Harris is unfavorable, with 43% saying it’s “very unfavorable.” Only 28% say they have a very favorable view of the current VP.

Before being tapped as Biden’s pick for VP during his 2020 presidential campaign, Harris, who’d run against Biden for the presidential nomination, didn’t last long as a top-ticket candidate. Her final poll numbers from her own home state of California were a dismal 7% before she finally withdrew from the race, and only about half of all voters approved of Biden’s selecting her as his running mate heading into the November election.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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