Morrissey Will NOT Conform to UK Political Correctness

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 27, 2019
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A month ago, I had the opportunity to report on the “world’s oldest record store” banning post-punk icon Morrissey’s new album due to his anti-SJW, pro-British culture criticism of British immigration policies and radical Islamic violence towards people and animals.

And, despite being targeted as if by a modern witch hunt, Morrissey is not backing down. In fact, he has stood his ground with powerful ethical integrity and great erudition.

In an interview published June 24 on his official website, he logically reiterated and amplified his positions on numerous issues that have, thus far, inspired the British left to unfairly denigrate him.

On being labeled “hateful” and “Islamophobic” for criticizing Halal slaughter of animals, this long-time animal advocate and vegan said:

I can’t see how opposing Halal slaughter makes me racist when I’ve objected to ALL forms of animal slaughter all of my life.

One of the best-known musicians to have emerged from the Manchester, England, music scene, Morrissey also offered his difference of opinion when it comes to the prevailing attitude behind a charity music event in honor of the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

He was not invited. And that does not surprise him.

Because I DO look back in anger! (A reference to the Oasis song that has become a kind of city-wide anthem in honor of the victims.) I would have sang “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” or “Life Is A Pigsty” – or something truthful and meaningful. If my child had been killed at Manchester Arena I wouldn’t be lighting candles and swaying … I’d be in a complete rage.

Certainly, it is important to forgive, to look ahead. But it does seem as if Morrisey’s very natural anger is seen by many in the UK pop media as uncouth, that only the “light-a-candle-and-hug" reaction is de rigueur.

But perhaps, as John Lydon, lead singer of The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited said, “Anger is an energy.” Perhaps it’s unwise to toss aside that natural kind of energy, and, instead, one might drive it towards positive, realistic outcomes.

And Morrissey has reaffirmed his support for Brexit leader Nigel Farage to become Prime Minister, as many average Brits look towards Farage to fight for their vote to separate from the EU. A vote that was supposed to have seen England leave the giant Euro-super-bureaucracy already.

I didn’t vote in the referendum although I can see how there is absolutely nothing attractive about the EU. My view has always been that the result of the referendum must be carried through. If the vote had been remain there would be absolutely no question that we would remain.

But any non-conformity against the politically-correct, autocratic, London-based, leftist power block is seen as evil, is demonized. And Morrissey offered his thoughts on this poisonous political climate in England:

The UK is a dangerously hateful place now...

In fact, political disagreement has been reduced to hyperbolic and inappropriate, slanderous name-calling, part of the postmodernist M.O.:

If you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telling them that you have run out of words. You are shutting the debate down and running off. The word is meaningless now.

Of course, his comments will not make the social justice warrior left of Britain happy. But he, like many other people who believe in free speech, will not be cowed.

That’s the key to modern Britain … only the mentally castrated are eligible for praise and awards. It’s against the law to be intelligent! The dumb have inherited the earth. Because of this, British arts are controlled by completely limited possibilities, and the same faces appear everywhere.

And he is not shy about expressing his thoughts about the Notre Dame fire:

Let’s be realistic … it’s arson. Everybody knows that. You can judge it by the speed by which the corporate media rushed to call it an accident even though the fire had just started and no one was in any position to know anything. Brainwashing! It’s a bit like hearing the full reason behind a plane crash even though the plane has yet to hit the ocean.

For many years, Morrissey, who for a long time was embraced by the “radical” British music scene, has stood tall to promote the ideas of individualism, free speech, and free cognition against relentless attacks by those who used to adore him.

One need not agree with each of his positions to respect him for his diligent adherence to his principles, especially as he stands in the tortuous whirlwind of attacks from so many lemmings in the pop media.

He’s not only talented. He’s principled. Good for him for not bowing in the face of the attacks.