Moronic: 'Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden' Feel 'Betrayed' By His Pro-Abortion Policies


Everybody knows that President Joe Biden is determined to increase legal access to abortion. Well, almost everybody, it seems.

According to The Blaze, the organization known as Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden was devastated by the president’s exclusion of the Hyde Amendment from the latest COVID relief package, which would have explicitly prohibited federal money from going to provide elective abortions.

The group wrote a letter to Biden, criticizing the move.

“We publicly supported President Biden's candidacy with the understanding that there would be engagement [with] us on the issue of abortion and particularly the Hyde Amendment,” the letter protested. "The Biden team wanted to talk to us during the campaign to gain our support, and we gave it on the condition there would be active dialogue and common ground solutions on the issue of abortion. There has been no dialogue since the campaign."

"We feel used and betrayed and have no intention of simply watching these kinds of efforts happen from the sidelines," the letter asserted. "Many evangelicals and Catholics took risks to support Biden publicly. President Biden and Democrats need to honor their courage."

What exactly did they expect? Biden has been firmly pro-abortion since the days of President Barack Obama, when he was the vice president. He publicly stated he supported repealing the Hyde amendment during his campaign and, during his first days in office, freed up federal aid for abortion providers overseas. Most of the major pro-life groups last year saw the Biden/Harris ticket for what it actually was and rightly viewed it as the “most pro-abortion in history.”

The fact that the Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden actually believed that he would implement pro-life policies after all this is both astounding and hilarious.

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Believe it or not, the group had said they felt that Biden’s administration would respect life more than Donald Trump’s would.

"We believe that on balance, Joe Biden's policies are more consistent with the biblically shaped ethic of life than those of Donald Trump," the group had said during the campaign. "Therefore, even as we continue to urge different policies on abortion, we urge evangelicals to elect Joe Biden as president." 

Well, they obviously missed the 2020 March for Life, where Trump became the first president to ever speak at the event and actually promoted the ending of infanticide. The Pro-Life Evangelicals’ laughable statement could either be a result of blind trust in mainstream media lies, or willfull ignorance of Trump’s pro-life actions, that may have stemmed from a complete dislike of the latter’s personality or "mean tweets."

The letter called on Biden to have the House of Representatives “apply the Hyde language” to the COVID relief package. Otherwise, “it will raise the question of whether or not we are still welcome in the Democratic Party."

That’s a naive and weak ultimatum that comes too late, as the package has already passed both the House and Senate. The Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden seem to realize only now that they just helped vote in the strongest advocate for abortion in America’s presidential history.

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